* Zalmo Rusnada began his life on a spacecraft travelling through the warp. His unusual birth location meant he looked nothing like the rest of his shipmates; let alone like his parents. Shortly after his birth, his ship, ironically named The Invincible, came out of the warp a hulking mess of space junk. His early years were spent in the decrepit medical ward, making his own entertainment. See, not only do the Void Born put off most normal Imperial, Hive, and even Feral born; he had an odd presence about him. He was actively avoided by most all the crew save for his parents. All of this made for a fairly lonely life, that is, until the age of 23. On that fateful day, the Black Ships came. He was taken to Holy Terra and judged worthy enough to make it as an Imperial Psyker. Since those days, he has been serving the Inquisition as an Acolyte, exterminating any heresies he has been ordered to.

Current Assignment

* Zalmo Rusnada is currently investigating the death of Janus Perth with fellow acolytes Severus - The Tech-Priest, Slug - The Guardsman, Bruul - The Assassin, and Valian - The Arbitrator.

Current Character Sheet

Zalmo Rusnada Character Sheet

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